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5 Secrets Your Locksmith Will Never Tell You

Your locksmith can not only help you with guidance on the latest and most advanced safety measures for notching up your home security but also share their years of experience and wisdom on the more practical aspects such as the common types of home intrusions in your locality and the effective safeguards against them.
Here is a list of a few secrets that your locksmith will probably never share with you.

Many locksmiths work undercover for cops


One of the best-kept secrets of locksmiths is that many of them actually do a lot of undercover work for policemen on the side as well!
In addition to designing master keys and bump keys for the police, locksmiths are often also instrumental in picking locks and aiding in installing surveillance equipment and bugs in suspicious places and sites.

You must always replace old locks when moving to a new property

It goes without saying that old locks that have been used by your previous tenants have already had their safety compromised in ways more than one.
The people living in your home before you might have shared the keys with their housekeepers and other workmen and it is pretty risky to live in a home with locks that might already have a master key in place.
That being said, it is advisable to either entirely replace the locks or have the existing ones re-keyed when you move into a new home.

A properly installed deadbolt is the best lock for home security

A deadbolt that features a minimum of one-inch long latch and a sturdy security plate that is three inches long and is strongly affixed to the door frame is probably your best bet when it comes to installing a lock on the main entry door in your house.
While you may go for cheaper locks for the interior doors, you must ensure to install a deadbolt on all the main access points on the outside.

Keys can be easily duplicated


And this is true even for the ones that have been especially stamped with ‘Do not duplicate’!
Also, car dealers are not the only ones that can duplicate the keys to your automobile.
There are countless locksmiths out there that specialize in designing duplicate keys for automobiles and also charge lesser as compared to certified car dealers for their assistance.

Some of them have had pretty weird experiences

While it is not true for all of them, some locksmiths have had the chance to witness some really gruesome sites such as when they are called up by a landlord for bumping open the apartment of a tenant who has been missing for a couple of days, and most probably lying dead in a pool of blood in their bedroom.
Also, there are scenarios of locks being changed in between conflicted couples, where either of the partners is trying to get into the house by picking the new lock.

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