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All You Need to Know About Magnetic Locks


Magnetic locks
Magnetic locks can be controlled also by a remote


Operating on one of the most cutting edge technologies of the recent times, an magnetic lock is an advanced locking device that incorporates the power of electromagnets to secure the locking position. Also known as the maglock, the magnetic lock is the most widely used type of magnetic lock that features an armature plate and a powerful electromagnet.

How magnetic locks work?

Electromagnets make use of the magnetic power which is created when electricity is passed through a wire wound multiple times around a core of iron, or through a solenoid created by coiling a single wire around a metal core.
As long as the current is passing, the metal wire stays magnetized.
Once the electricity transmission is disrupted the metal core loses its magnetic abilities.

The metal block is attached to the frame of the door and the armature plate is installed onto the door.
When the door is in a closed position, the two components are coupled together.
Now, when the current is switched on and the electromagnet is activated, it creates a magnetic flux or pull action that attracts the electromagnet to the armature plate in a locking action. Since the locking capacity should be able to adequately hold the door in position even under enormous stress, the typical single door magnetic locks come with dynamic holding capacities of around 600lbs up to 1200 lbs.

Are there any challenges?

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Locking devices can be broadly categorized as being fail secure or fail safe.
While a fail secure device does not automatically unlock at the loss of power, a fail safe device essentially loses its secure locking position when de-energized.
The electromagnets in question here are essentially fail safe devices that get unlocked when the electricity transmission is cut off.

In fact, it was this very quality that motivated the invention of magnetic locks.
There was a need for a commissioned safety feature to be installed at the Montreal Forum, Quebec, Canada, that would not stay locked in emergency situations.
The officials were apprehensive of the fact that in the case of a fire breakout, the workers and other staff members would have to struggle with opening the locks in order to exit the doors.
The electromagnetic lock was designed as a solution for emergency concerns and was integrated with a fire alarm that when pulled off could automatically disrupt power supply and unlock the doors.

What are the solutions?

Although electromagnetic locks have often raised major concern among homeowners, there are a couple of new technologies that have helped make these devices largely fail secure.
You can get a magnetic bond sensor installed on your magnetic lock or integrate it with an uninterrupted power supply that uses battery backup to keep the solenoid from being de-energized.

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